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Our mission


The organization principally exists to empower, provide resources for, and improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations by protecting the environment and helping communities that are poverty-stricken.

We Assist and work closely with indigenous communities and  orphanages in Mexico.

Serving Native Communities of México

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Children´s Charity Clothing Drive

1. Goal : Raise $10,000

2. Collect Winter Clothes at Local Drop-Offs

3. Deliver Clothes To Native Communities


Indigenous School Supply Drive

1. Goal: $10,000

Provide materials for this calendar year for over 500 families.



We are a group of international advocates for the sacred sites of the Wixarika Nation.

Every day the sacred lands and culture of the Wixarika are in danger due to the destruction of this special land.

We have developed a plan with the Wixarika Nation Leaders and need your help!

Click the Wirkuta Link below and see what we've done , what our mission is, and how you can get involved!

Help us save Wirikuta.

Iiná Bádoo

What is Iiná Bádoo

Holistic Center | Integrative Natural Medicine

Iiná Bádoo is the vision of our Spiritual Leader, Jake Singer, here at For Goodness Sake. As a Purple Heart Veteran and traditional Indigenious Medicine Man, he offer to the world a unique way of health, healing and wellness. It is in this inspiration that we have designed Iiná Bádoo for the people of North America, and for the future generations of Mother Earth.


A holistic center is a center for wellness on all levels: Phsyical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. We integrate the healing modalties from around the world, specifically that of the North American Indigenious ways of healing and other Natural Medicine methods, in order to bring whoelness to each person that enters the doors of the center.


Currently on this Planet, there is a great need and desire for healing that takes place within the natural world. We use the power of the elements, the body, the breath, and the simpliciy of natural medicine techniques with experets in their field to provide high quality healing experiences in a safe environemnt for all beings.

Completed Projects

Other Projects

Millions of children world wide go without ever having the opportunity of an education, partnered with Pasitos de Luz Foundation we are trying to make a difference.

Our team has developed a unique strategy to help the siblings of special needs children whose families are poverty stricken and never get the chance to give their children a proper education.

Our program will provide everything needed for each child sponsored to have an equal academic opportunity and build a future that could change the world!

You can make a difference, to learn more of what we have done and our strategy click here

First family sponsored by Goodness Sake Foundation

Through collaboration with Pasitos de Luz, we have chosen this family to be the start of our pilot program for this wonderful vision. 

This beautiful family has had a lot of hardships. A single mother with terminal cancer who has helped raise and take care of many special need children through Pasitos de Luz. With two children of her own and the common issues of poverty stricken families they needed our help.

Both children Yosgar, 12 years old and Ana Karen 18 years old will be given a full payed tuition in a private institution in their area. 

Thank you so much to those who have donated and made this dream a reality. 

Holistic Retreat Center

Prayer in action —Happy to announce that next week we are starting “phase 2” of the construction of this beautiful —holistic retreat center— “Casa Serenidad” a waterfall/river front, 5 min away from the beach and only 25 min away from Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. 🇲🇽
be open to the public 2024. We are very excited to share this exciting news with the community.

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