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A Holistic Center for Health & Wellness

Iiná Bádoo

Iiná Bádoo is the vision of our Spiritual Leader, Jake Singer, here at For Goodness Sake. As a Purple Heart Veteran and traditional Indigenious Medicine Man, he offer to the world a unique way of health, healing and wellness. It is in this inspiration that we have designed Iiná Bádoo for the people of North America, and for the future generations of Mother Earth.

A holistic center is a center for wellness on all levels: Phsyical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. We integrate the healing modalties from around the world, specifically that of the North American Indigenious ways of healing and other Natural Medicine methods, in order to bring whoelness to each person that enters the doors of the center.


Currently on this Planet, there is a great need and desire for healing that takes place within the natural world. We use the power of the elements, the body, the breath, and the simpliciy of natural medicine techniques with experets in their field to provide high quality healing experiences in a safe environemnt for all beings.


About the center

Situated in the beautiful woods of Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, Iina Badoo is a traditional Hogan structure designed by Spiritual Leader and Medicine Man, Jackie Singer.

This ancient design of the Navajo Nation is a center for healing & wellness that combines Indigenous Healing modalities of North America and other traditional therapies from around the world into one central location.

The center sits next to 1000s of acres of prisitne forest in the NorthEast United States. Surrounded by nature and waterfalls it provides state of facilities in the beauty of the natural world.


Providing a holistic approach to healing & wellness for a more integrated Humanity and a brighter future.


Programs & Methods

Healing Programs

Each program is designed to fit the needs of the individual. We are passionate about curating unique healing experiences that foster the greatest amount of healing both in the center, and in integration of daily life that follows. These programs are designed for susatained wellness within the daily walk of life of each individual.

Methods of Healing

  • North American indigenous ways of healing Traditional sweat lodge

  • Yoga

  • Acupuncture

  • Breathwork

  • Massage

  • Ayurveda

  • Aromatherapy

  • Traditional herbal medicine Cold plunge

  • Sauna

  • Plant baths

  • Nature walks and nature therapy Art therapy

  • Somatic Therapy

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