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Serving Native Communities of México

“Helping the siblings of special needs children receive education “ 

Project Overview

SEEDS currently works in conjunction with Pasitos de Luz, a center and non profit based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that focuses on special needs children  and their families. FGS has developed a project to assist the siblings of the  special needs children in acquiring the necessities for formal education.


This includes providing tuition for a private institution, supplies for education,  transportation costs, school uniforms, and other miscellaneous needs  required throughout the duration of the school year. This project is planned  to support the recipients education annually until they graduate college. 


1. Raised over $20,000 dollars to provide technological support during the  pandemic.


This includes the following: 

a. Laptops 

b. Microsoft software 

c. Private offsite tutoring 


2. Sponsored the first two children and provided them with tuition for their  education.



1. To provide education and support needed for the first initial two  children to continue education through the next years until the end of  college. 

2. Increase the number of students from 2 to 4 for the coming year.

Transforming The Life Of Children Through Education

I am pleased to extend the following fundraising to you.

When we really start thinking, in whose hands the future is or will be? 


The answer is simple, our amazing boys and girls, those brilliant minds that we see everywhere we go.


Finding those brilliant minds and souls with the love for education and the expansion of their knowledge and personal growth is one of the most beautiful projections that human beings could ever witness.


For that reason, I extend this invitation to help us, help them.

For the second year in a row we will be teaming up with Pasitos de Luz, a center and non-profit that focuses on special needs children and their families. Most of this families have other children that need help as well and we hope to give it to them.


Where will the donations go?

- Fully paid tuition in a private institution.

- If they do not have the electronic means to complete their homework, we will provide it.

- School uniforms

- School Supplies


Thank you very much for your support. We couldn't do it without you.


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