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Matthew Schroeder


Matthew Christopher Schroeder was born in California on June, 4, 1992. He was raised  from a young boy by Traditional Medicine Man, Jake Singer, and is an Ordained Robe  Man carrying the traditions of Prayer through Native ceremonies. Matthew is a  carpenter by trade and as worked both as a business owner, project manage, with jobs  in the Union of North Jersey and as a holistic practitioner. He is an environmentalist and  activist for Planet Earth. In 2022 he became the Director officially of For Goodness Sake  Inc after it was passed by his Father in Law under the originally name established in  2010, as This Side of Heaven Foundation.



 Satya Celeste

Vice Director

Satya Celeste is an enthusiastic and dedicated Spanish Teacher with experience  teaching and supporting students from all levels serving them with different learning styles. Celeste has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education. She has been working as translator and social media director for For Goodness Sake since 2021. She is a highly skilled and experienced Translator with a  strong background in translating Legal Documents in English and Spanish.



Lehman Mann


Lehman A Mann the 3rd is from the Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lenape Nation. He  currently serves as the treasurer FGS and project manager for the holistic rehabilitation  center being build in the United States.  


Alyra Hughes

Secretary / Project Coordinator

Kristen Alyra Hughes works as an International Yoga Teacher Trainer, Educator, and  Massage Therapist with a bachelors degree in Geology and lifelong devotion for Planet  Earth. She has lived and worked in Indigenous communities throughout the Guatemala,  Peru, and Mexico and Indonesia for over 7 years building bridges between the spiritual  seekers and native peoples of the land. Currently, Alyra is the current Secretary and  Project Coordinator for the Wirikuta Preservation Project team of For Goodness Sake  Foundation.  


Santiago Alonso

Translator and Inter Tribal Relations

Santiago Alonso González graduated business school at the University Anahuac, Mexico  City in 2015. He has served the Wixárika Nation over the past 10 years through legal  and spiritual matters. In the years of 2013-2016 he also assisted them in the renovation  of their sacred sites, alters, and holy places. Now, Santiago serves as a main translator and bridge between the Wixárika Nation and the modern world on behalf of this project  and the preservation of land, medicine, and culture in Wirikuta. 




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